Application to ease working with icons from the Android SDK.

  • Works on multiple Android SDKs, external icon bundles, or ever your own Android apps
  • Groups icons by name so you don't have to search through multiple folders
  • Filtering based on icon name
  • Sort icons based on best matching qualifiers
  • Copy icons to project
  • Easy integration with IDEs to launch your project directly

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(Full name: [DATS1600] Gruppe 28 - Prosjektoppgave Vår 2013)

Latest news

0.3.2 and source code release
Bugfixes and source code release
Added by Simen Endsjø about 4 years ago

0.3.1 Beta
Added by Simen Endsjø almost 5 years ago

0.3.0 Beta
The first beta is released for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac.
Added by Simen Endsjø almost 5 years ago

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